UI Atoms for WPF

UI Atoms for WPF

UI Atoms offers Line of Business controls including powerful...

UI Atoms offers Line of Business controls including powerful Data Form control for WPF and Silverlight with unified coding and advanced validation methods along with extra controls like Calculator and more.

UI Atoms contains Form Controls, Layout Controls, and Data Editor Controls for WPFForm Controls included are:Atom Form (an intelligent canvas which auto aligns labels, text input fields, validation messages, etc.

)Atom Toggle Button BarAtom View Panel (which can be linked to a selected index from a list box, combo box, toggle button bar, or any other data selector)Atom List BoxAtom Combo BoxAtom Number Combo Box (which auto-populates values once given the start and end numbers with the increment value)Atom Buttons (which includes a customizable validation alert pop-up dialog box)Atom Check Box ListAtom Radio Button ListAtom Country Combo Box (which includes country names, flags, country codes, abbreviations, and currency symbols).

Data Editors included are:Atom Text BoxAtom Email Text BoxAtom Doulbe Text BoxAtom Currency Text BoxAtom Integer Text BoxAtom File Path EditorAtom Password BoxAtom Password Box AgainAtom Text Box with Reg Ex (Regular Expressions)Atom Title Text Box (which converts input text into title case)Layout Controls included are:Atom Form PanelAtom Stack Panel (which aligns data in a horizontal or vertical stack).